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 The BallroomJuniors Club at EDS provides beginners ballroom and Latin dance classes for children in Edinburgh.  Classes take place on Saturdays at the BallroomJuniors Club, Inch Park Sports Centre, Edinburgh, with our beginners dancing from 12.00 pm until 12.45 pm, our Juvenile section dancing from 12.55 pm until 1.40 pm, and our Juniors from 1.50 pm until 2.50 pm.  In class, children learn traditional ballroom & Latin styles of dance in a fun, relaxed, and enjoyable atmosphere. 
In class, we lead our junior students through the 'World of Ballroom and Latin Dance', teaching them to recognize what dance styles go with different music beats, how to hold their partners properly, good floor craft, and an exciting selection of dances along the way.
Classes are relaxed and great fun and inevitably end up with lots of laughs and giggles.
We have classes for everyone, whether you've danced before or not, so bring your child along for a fee try out on us so they can join in the fun!
As well as learning dance, children in the BallroomJuniors Club also enjoy doing many different social activities together such as movie nights at the EDstudio, picnics during the summer months and much more!
In class, children wear comfortable loose clothing and their ballroom shoes. Ballroom outfits such as dresses, trousers, and shirts are relatively inexpensive and need only be purchased if children wish to take part in competitions.
Our experienced instructors are passionate about helping each dancer achieve their highest potential, while also having as much fun as possible. Have a look at our class times below and get in touch for a free try out in class for your child.

Beginners Latin & Ballroom

Finding Your Feet


Latin & Ballroom  - Juniors

Sat 12 Sep - Sat 10 Aug (4 weeks) - (No Class on Sat 19 Sep).1.50pm - 2.50pm

The BallroomJuniors Club at EDS brings you a brand new dance experience during our lockdown, the 'Latin Pop Dance Class'. With Covid-19 restrictions preventing us from partner dancing and space restrictions stopping our Ballroom practice Felicity will be teaching some funky Latin pop dance moves over the 4-week term. Felicity will be teaching her very own Latin dance style to students, using all her experience as the Caledonian Latin American dance Champion.


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